Security Expert in Nigeria Urges FG to Exercise Caution in the Mass Release of Captured Boko Haram Terrorists

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  • October 11, 2017

President of the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria Ona Ekhomu, has advised the Federal Government to exercise caution in the mass release of captured Boko Haram terrorists.

He said this was necessary so that society could be protected from incessant terrorist attacks by inadvertently recycling insurgents into the battlefield.
Releasing suspected terrorists should be based on concrete evidence of repentance and conversion to true Islam, which extols peace.

Ekhomu said the recent mass release of 760 Boko Haram suspects by the Joint Intelligence Center of Operation Lafiya Dole was rather hasty and ill advised, as it would tend to worsen the security situation of the Northeast and the country at large.

The mass release of suspects without a rigorous investigation of each suspect would tend to worsen an already fragile security situation.
He however argued that turning the suspects over to the Borno State government of Nigeria appears to be a way to transferring responsibility from the military.

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