Chadian President Awards Former Lake Chad Secretary Sunusi Imran

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  • April 15, 2018

The Chadian President Idris Debi has presented a National merit Award to engineer Sunusi Imran Abdullahi the former executive secretary of Lake Chad Basin Commission in Chadian Capital Ndjamena recently.

Eng. Alhaji Sanusi Imran Abdullahi who was from Kano State Nigeria has played significant roles during his tenure as executive secretary of Lake Chad Basin Commission with headquarters in Ndjamena, Chad republic.

Speaking to Dandal Kura Radio International in an exclusive interview Eng. Sanusi Imran Abdullah said that he has made stupendous achievements during his tenure as executive secretary of Lake Chad Bain Commission.

Sansui Abdullahi established Radio Dandal Kura Ndjamena, successfully implementing a regular meetings and conferences between the member Nations, creations of committees on Lake Chad in the parliaments of each member nations, and two commissioners from each Nation who are the ministers of water resources foreign affairs.

Mr Imran said his prestigious National Award from President Idris Debi is due to their healthiest relationship with the government and people of Chad. He thanks the government and good people of Nigeria for appointing him to serve the commission and contributed his quarter excellently.

The major challenges tackles the execution of proposed plans is because of the Boko Haram insurgents’ activities if not by now we would have almost at the stage of accomplishment works of expanding the Lake Chad.

He added that his campaigns to ensure the sustainability of the Lake Chad made the African union, Chinese and Italian government and their companies are currently working to figure out exact amount that would be sufficiently use for the linking of the Lake Chad to the Congo basin.

He has also established many ways of funds rising and donations from the international community and the wealthy people the region.

Mr Sunusi said the expansion of Lake Chad helps to eradicate poverty, diseases improve educational standard and bring the end of insurgency the region.
He then called on the governments to create more employment opportunities for the people more especially the youths.

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