Aid Workers Flee Gwoza Town of Borno State of Nigeria After Boko Haram Attack

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  • October 12, 2017

Aid workers have fled Gwoza in Borno State Nigeria after the Boko Haram sect launched a deadly attack on the town on Tuesday night.

Gwoza, which at the peak of the Boko Haram expansionist reign in the North-east between 2014 and 2015 was declared the headquarters of the “caliphate”, has several aid workers resident and working in the town to bring back normalcy.

Speaking to newsmen on the phone, John Ali, a resident said the attempt by Boko Haram to overrun the town, which was successfully repelled by the Nigerian military had compelled the NGOs in the town to take their leave.

He said all the staff of the NGOs are heading towards the helipad awaiting helicopters for immediate evacuation to Maiduguri. The exit of NGOs from Gwoza town would portend danger in terms of food, social and medical needs for the thousands of returnees who are beginning to settle down and pick up the pieces of their lives.

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